Why Chess is Good for Kids

The game of chess is considered to be a powerful tool to beef up the mind of a child as well as adult. It is quite easy to learn how to play chess. A child aged between six or seven years can follow the basic rules of the game quite easily. Younger people than this, such as someone who is four or five years of age can also play the game. If a child can be made to play the game of chess from an early age then he or she would become an expert in it. Learning chess from an early age should be similar to learning music or just a language.


There are some human qualities that can be developed as kids learn to play chess. Children can develop a better concentration power, tolerance and determination as they learn to play chess. A game of chess has the power to build in a good memory, intuition and creativity in a child. Solving difficult problems, learning to take tricky decision becomes lot more easy, as a child learns to play chess. Chess being a mind game has the power to help a child to develop the capability of analyzing and deducing some general principles in life and solve complicated problems with agility.

Benefits of learning chess for kids

  • The IQ level of a child is developed by chess
  • Necessary challenges are offered by a game of chess which is quite a good thing for those gifted children
  • Developmental thinking could be cultivated in a child through a game of chess
  • Those children who are mostly underachievers are most likely to be helped by chess
  • Playing chess would be able to teach a child about reading, writing, responsibility and arithmetic very easily
  • The communication power of the child is improved through playing chess
  • The concentration level of a child is enhanced by it
  • The power of evaluation and analysis is developed by the child
  • It incorporates discipline in a child
  • A child learn the game to strategize
  • Plying a game of chess helps to build in the memory skills of a child
  • Critical thinking skills of a child can be developed
  • The spirit of sportsmanship is learnt by the child
  • Kids can learn to solve problems very easily
  • It helps the young brain to gain confidence
  • Different patterns could be learnt to be recognized by a child. And thus according to it necessary tactics could be learnt to be developed by the child.

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4 Responses to Why Chess is Good for Kids

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  2. andrew says:

    Where you based and who do you use as your chess caoches?

  3. colleen says:

    Andrew  – I do not have chess coaches in my business.  You should be able to go to http://www.uschess.org/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=198 and find a chess club/coach near your location.


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