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10 Cognitive Skills Your Child Must Strengthen for Sucessful Math Skills

  Brain Training Brain training involves strengthening your child's ability within visual, auditory, processing, memory, logic & reasoning and more.  Through the process of strengthening these skills, your child releases chemicals in the brain which are like miracle grow for … Continue reading

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4 Reasons to Use “Errorless Learning” with Children Who Have Memory Weaknesses

    Recently, we discussed retrieval in general and 3 strategies to use to help your child retrieve information from their weak memory.  We talked about using Cued Retrieval which "cues" the memory up for retrieval, Recognition Memory which basically … Continue reading


My Family Contract

Setting boundaries and expectations with your child is no longer a challenge.  Why?  I created this quick and easy to use family contract.  After reading several different books and research about working with children and how to shape their behavior, … Continue reading

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How to Improve Your Child’s Processing Speed

Processing Speed In general, processing speed relates to how quickly and easily your brain is able to think and provide responses.  All of your cognitive skills and their strengths or weaknesses directly impact your child's ability to process quickly.  Why? … Continue reading

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4 Must Have Tools to Help Your Child Read Easier

Reading Skills Reading requires a variety of skills that most of you are familiar with already.  For example, comprehension and fluency are just two examples.  What I would like you to understand is the cognitive skills needed to be able … Continue reading

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5 Things You Need to Know About Summer Brain Training

Summer Brain Training Summer is just about here and many families are planning how to keep their child learning and progressing while not in school.  Families interested in brain training are already booking time with me.  However, if you aren't … Continue reading

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5 Things You Need to Know About BrainWare Safari

The most popular online brain training program is BrainWare Safari. This is a computer-based learning program that can be downloaded via digital access or cd installation. This program has won tons of awards but more importantly, Continue reading

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ADHD and Your Child’s Brain – Process, Read and Learn Faster and Better

by Related Posts:4 Strengths Every Child Must Possess to Comprehend SuccessfullyHow Enhanced Learning Skills for Kids Can Help Your ChildHomework Tips and Strategies: Step 8 – Initiating Homework AssignmentsHomework Tips and Strategies: Chunking Out Homework AssignmentsHomework Tips and Strategies: Prioritizing … Continue reading

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How to Decide Which Brain Training Program is Right for Your Child

Introduction One of the most popular questions that I am asked by both parents and professionals is "Which brain training program should I use?"  When you look at the top 2 programs on the market, BrainSkills and BrainWare Safari, it … Continue reading

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Join Me and My Certified Student Transformation Specialists for Q&A Webinars

JOIN US FOR A LIVE Q&A WEBINAR  — THE FOLLOWING CALLS ARE SCHEDULED DURING JANUARY, FEBRUARY AND MARCH 2012.  We would love for you to join us.  Simply click on the url to join our online live webinar on the … Continue reading

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