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Colleen Bain, M.A.Dear Fellow Parent of an Upper Elementary, Middle or High School Student,

Being a mom of a child who is seems to forget books for homework or how to hand in homework can be quite frustrating.  I know this is only a small example of behavior resulting from a child with weak executive functioning skills.  You also see children who cannot seem to get their papers into their folders or binders.  Yet others who do not know where to start when it comes to studying or note taking.

I am often asked if I can help children with organization and study skills.  I can and do but I was looking for a solid, research-based, effective curriculum that would integrate in the child's life and school easily.  In other words, I was looking for a program that was simple, easy and fun.  It had to be effective across all subjects.  I often found that I was teaching children per subject on how to be effective.  Note-taking programs that I would teach had way too many steps for the children.

Then, my research assistant, Vasu, discovered SOAR®!  I was so thrilled, I called up the creator, Susan Kruger, M.Ed, the same day!  Since then, I obtained the curriculum and have been very eager to get started working students to help them better organize, plan, set goals, take notes, study and take tests in the overall plan for success in school!

I am officially opening registration and accepting students into this long awaited and highly anticipated program!  I do hope you will join me in this journey to help your child strengthen his/her executive functioning skills.  Registration information is below.

How Does SOAR® HELP?

To help your child become an independent learner, executive functioning skills such as planning, organizing and problem solving are crucial components for success.  Using The SOAR® curriculum will help your child in the following ways:

  1. Become and independent learner.

  2. Build confidence.

  3. Develop efficiency.

  4. Improve performance to prepare your child for high-stakes tests and the globally competitive job market of the future.

  5. Enables your child to be proactive, make good decisions, and think critically.

Your child's executive functioning strategy needs to include the SOAR® Curriculum.  Doing so will create an opportunity for your child to manage, plan and organize the knowledge being transferred by teachers and textbooks.

I know when I first started working with parents one of the top requests was to help their child improve with organization and time management.  Their child always forgot their books in school or never turned in their homework.  Along with the brain training recommendations, I wanted to offer a solid program which provided real results and was being used by school districts around the country.

Susan Kruger, M.EdThat's why I selected the SOAR® program, created by Susan Kruger, M.Ed.  Susan is also a certified teacher and is a reading specialist.  She combined her personal struggles as a student with her professional expertise to create a powerful, student-friendly system.  She has provided her curriculum to over 700 schools in the U.S. and this number is growing!  She has also taught her SOAR® Study Skills workshops to hundreds of students with great success!  She is excited to hear I will be using her curriculum to help your child succeed!

“How Does the SOAR® Program Work?”

The SOAR® Study Skills Curriculum is a series of 60 minute lessons over 6 weeks that follow a brain-based learning model.

Each lesson:

  • Identifies the organization or learning problems and explore why those problems exist.
  • Presents solutions and the principles that make them work.
  • Applies the solutions to your child's life and school work immediately.
  • Encourages regular reflection and review, making modifications as necessary.

For example, in the “Organize Your Papers” lesson, your child will learn:

  • Why papers are so difficult to manage and how the most common organizing systems actually complicate the process.
  • Then, I present the SOAR® Binder System (with examples and photographs) to help them streamline their paperwork.

SOARS Binder System

  • Your child will immediately apply this solution as they organize their papers into a neat binder system.
  • Several times throughout the program, I will be checking in on the status of the Binder System and help guide your child through any modifications.

This structure is effective because students learn principles for getting organized and learning more efficiently. They also learn specific strategies to take advantage of those principles, but can modify those strategies to “personalize” solutions.  We appreciate the unique character of each student and encourage them to make modifications, as long as they adhere to the learning and organizing principles.

Your child will be asked to try each strategy with  homework and submit a short email “report” before each session. Your child will get individualized feedback from me, via email, after their report is received.  I will also use the information from the reports to customize each group meeting.

Each class session will have up to 15 participants.  This group size is small enough for your child to get full and individualized attention, but large enough to promote engaging discussions and learning opportunities from peers.

“How is SOAR® Organized?”

The lessons are deliberately organized in sequential format in SOAR®, where each strategy is a building block for the next strategy.  This building-block format helps your child draw connections to everything they have learned before.

As a result, your child remembers the tips and strategies more easily and can see how each step inter-relates with one another.  It is exciting for your child to discover that learning can be strategic…and that he or she has the power to control their learning!

“What is Included in the Program?”

The SOAR® Study Skills Program includes our award-winning student book and the SOAR® Binder System

The SOAR® Study Skills book includes:

  • 150 pages of user-friendly text, visuals, photographs, and samples to demonstrate strategies.
  • Reproducibles for students’ long-term use.
  • Action-oriented lessons with immediate application to students’ current coursework and schedule.
  • 142 pictures, illustrations, and visuals to demonstrate strategies.
  • Guidelines for students who live in two homes.
  • Guidelines for students with ADD/ADHD.
  • Multiple Intelligences inventory to empower all learners.

SOAR® Organizational Supply Kit

SOAR Organization KIt

Everything you need to implement the SOAR® Binder System is included in this Supply Kit:

  • Handy, over-the-door Pendaflex® file with six durable and colorful poly folders that helps you prepare for unit tests and final exams by keeping all of your papers in a neat, organized place. The unique design of this organizing tool keeps papers handy by keeping them off of a cluttered desktop and out from under a messy bed. The easy-access pockets allow you to sort your papers quickly. It also means that papers are always very easy to find when needed, too.
  • All of the materials you need to create the SOAR® Binder System.





    • A durable 1 1/2” binder
    • 6 poly folders
    • notebook paper
  • Teachers will allow the binder system to be used.  If a student has a teacher that will not allow the binder system, for their class, than you can use a specific binder for that one teacher and use the binder system for the remainder of classes.

When your child participates in a SOAR® Group, they will learn simple and easy ways to:

  • Manage their time
  • Organize their papers
  • Take notes
  • Plan homework and projects
  • Improve reading comprehension
  • Set goals
  • Organize their space
  • Take tests
  • Communicate with their parents and teachers
  • Write papers
  • Read text books effectively
  • Establish priorities
  • Study
  • Track grades
  • Monitor goals
  • Recognize achievement

What Results Can Your Child Expect?

At the conclusion of this action group, your child will:

  • Increase grades. As always with the work I offer, integrating the new skills back into the school day is crucial.  SOAR recommends using the new strategies for one full marking period after which you will see your child's grades will go up.
  • Have a lot more free-time every week. The SOAR® strategies offer efficient and effective methods for getting through the homework session with ease and less time.

100% Risk Free

I am offering the same guarantee that Susan Kruger, M.Ed offers her students.  If, at the conclusion of the course, you do not feel that it was a worthwhile investment, simply send me an email with an explanation and I will issue a refund. All I ask is that your child be present for each class.

I can make this kind of guarantee because Susan offers this type of guarantee based on the fact that SOAR® Study Skills system has proven itself over the last 13 years with thousands of teachers, students, and families who have learned how to efficiently learn, organize, and improve grades!

What is your investment for this high value program?

You would not be surprised to pay thousands of dollars to have a formal coach work with your child 1:1.  However, the entire program with the SOAR Study Skills and SOAR Organization Kit is ONLY $377.00 saving you close to 30% off the original price.   PLUS I've included the following bonus:

Bonus #1: FREE 30 Minute Consultation ($50 value)

You have me for a telephone consultation or in person for 30 minutes to discuss your child's academic challenges and any questions you may have regarding the program!

Are you ready to secure a spot for your child today?

 Go ahead and secure your spot by investing now.  Remember, no payment/interest for 6 months when you choose Bill Me Later upon checkout.


Here's to your child's success and changing your child's life forever,



Colleen Bain, MA ED

P.S. Just think! You'll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of searching for a program that will help your child learn how to improve executive functioning skills.

P.P.S Remember, you’re making this decision completely at NO RISK.



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