Parts of Speech in Rhyme Form

parts of speech


The Parts of Speech in Rhyme


A noun's the name of any thing,

As school, or garden, hoop, or swing.


Adjectives tell the kind of noun,

As great, small, pretty, white, or brown.


Instead of nouns, the pronouns stand–

Her head, his face, your arm, my hand.


Verbs tell of something to be done–

To read, count, sing, laugh, jump, or run.


How things are done, the adverbs tell,

As slowly, quickly, ill or well.

Conjunctions join the words together —

As men and women, wind or weather.


The preposition stands before
A noun, as in, or through a door.


The interjection shows surprise,

As oh! how pretty — ah! how wise.


The whole are called the parts of speech,

Which reading, writing, speaking, teach.


BY Alfred J. Lawrence, Michigan – submitted by Toni Cosgrove of Notebooking Forum on Yahoo.

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  1. katelyn says:

    noun ia a person place or idea

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