What are Cognitive Strategies all About?

Cognitive functioning is managed by cognitive processes. Learning more about cognitive strategies is gaining popularity which goes back to 1956 when Bruner, Goodnow, and Austin discovered it.

Everyone uses cognitive strategies on a regular basis because it’s a part of our normal routine. Cognitive strategies help us with our behavior and thinking so it doesn’t matter if we’re a regular person, one with special talents, or one with a brain injury we use these strategies every day. This means no matter what we’re doing everything is controlled strategically.

We learn both formally and informally when it comes to certain strategies. Without this ability we would not be able to learn what we need to on a daily basis. We wouldn’t be able to learn certain characteristics and have memories of things. When we have these strategies we have the ability to remember long and short term things that will help us with everyday life.

We use cognitive strategies all the time whether we realize it or not. Most things we do are automatic and we know what we’re doing so it’s something we could do with our eyes closed and we don’t even have to think about it. That’s where the cognitive strategies that we’re not aware of come in and the kind of cognitive strategy is when we’re learning something for the first time or we struggle with something that takes a lot of concentration to accomplish.

Our experiences, age, and maturity level are a part of the strategies we use on a regular basis. With that said, it’s unlikely you’ll see the same decisions made or thoughts shared from an adult and a 12 year old child. Their entire thinking process is different and that’s true when you think about the cognitive strategies that are used. Now that doesn’t mean that’s always the case, because it’s possible their decisions could be the same depending on the situation, but most times they’re not.

The effects you see with decisions that are made could be different from one person to another or from an adult to a child. Even though it could be the same decision the effects they’ll have on each individual could and should be different. You see this when a decision is made and then later on down the road the effects are visible. This could be education or job related.

We all know the decisions we make now affect our future and the things that happens and those come from cognitive strategies we use and decisions that are made. Some could be good and some could be harmful depending on what they are and how we deal with them. It’s possible for a child to learn something incorrectly and not even realize it, and then they go back to use it again and find out they didn’t do it correctly and they fail a test or a class. That’s where it could be harmful.

Cognitive strategies are all around us. We use them all the time no matter what we’re doing. They vary depending on the person and what’s going on and no two people are alike and will have the same strategies. What we need to know here is cognitive strategies are a part of everyday life no matter if we want it them or not.

This is why I created my Student Transformation System.  It is pertinent for success that a child’s cognitive functions be strengthened.  This provides the child with an increased capacity to learn.  However, stronger skills and new pathways are not the whole solution. 

It is imperative that your child’s cognitive strategies to approaching homework, studying, note-taking, comprehension and more are observed and improved upon when necessary.  Take all of this improvement and align it with the classroom, teacher, yourself, your child and anyone else involved and we manage to get everyone on the same page relative to your child’s overall performance and next step vision/plan for continued success.

Be sure to check out my latest reading comprehension program which is individualized to meet your child’s unique needs and can be implemented online.  Feel free to schedule you’re a 30 minute consultation with me where we can discuss your child’s needs, create a vision and plan for success.

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