4 Must Have Tools to Help Your Child Read Easier

Reading Skills Reading requires a variety of skills that most of you are familiar with already.  For example, comprehension and fluency are just two examples.  What I would like you to understand is the cognitive skills needed to be able … Continue reading

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5 Things You Need to Know About Summer Brain Training

Summer Brain Training Summer is just about here and many families are planning how to keep their child learning and progressing while not in school.  Families interested in brain training are already booking time with me.  However, if you aren't … Continue reading

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5 Things You Need to Know About BrainWare Safari

The most popular online brain training program is BrainWare Safari. This is a computer-based learning program that can be downloaded via digital access or cd installation. This program has won tons of awards but more importantly, Continue reading

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Your Brain on Video Games

Daphne Bavelier: Cognitive researcher   Daphne Bavelier studies how the brain adapts to changes in experience, either by nature or by training.       Why you should listen to her:         Daphne Bavelier studies how humans … Continue reading

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Neuroscience in Schools

              District Administration, Dec 2012                                                   For generations, teachers in … Continue reading

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Cognitive Problems after Chemotherapy Treatments

Many times brain problems come from an injury of some sort, but studies show chemotherapy can cause problems as well. Continue reading

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5 Steps to determine the best brain training program for your child

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from parents is, “how do I know which brain training program is the best for my child?” I’ve written this article to help you make your decision. Continue reading

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Why is My Child Having Trouble Learning and Reading?

This is a great example of symptoms being seen in the classroom and how to help your child. Over the last week I have had the pleasure of consulting with a family in Arizona.  We have gone back and forth … Continue reading

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Twitter Chats

    Topic: Brain Training as the first step to improving your child's grades   Date: November 27, 2012   Time: 1:00 pm ET Hashtag: #els4kids How to Join the Twitter Chat — GO TO HTTP://TWEETCHAT.COM   STEP 1: Go to tweetchat.com and … Continue reading

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Research Shows Inexpensive Games Key to Increasing IQ and Processing Speed – in the classroom!

UC Berkley Graduate Students led by Dr. Silvia Bunge, wanted to research about children's intelligence.  They used simple, inexpensive card games, puzzles and software as their tools.  The protocol used was to "play" the games for 15 min. totaling 1 … Continue reading

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