Brainware Safari – Cognitive Enhancement – Brain Training

What is BrainWare Safari?

brainware safari

  • A neuroscience-based program that helps your child become the best learner they can be by strengthening existing synapses and creating new neuropathways while strengthening cognitive skills.  



  • The program focuses on the cognitive skills that enable your child to learn, as well as the way those skills interrelate and interact holistically.

  • BrainWare Safari works over 41 cognitive skills like thinking skills, visual processing and auditory processing to name just a few. 

  • This brain training tool will work to strengthen attention skills to impact ADHD symptoms.

  • The program works overall for strengthening processing skills and visual-motor abilities. 

  •  Whole brain integration is the main goal and is accomplished through an approach of game playing that is unique, fun and adjusts to meet the individualized needs of your child.

  • An engaging video-game format that kids of all ages enjoy.

  • Supported by published research demonstrating an average of over 4 years of intellectual growth.

  • An awardwinning program developed by an award-winning company:

    o  2006 Parents’ Choice Award

    o  2007 EdNet Rookie of the Year

    o  2007 & 2008 Software and Information Industry Association Codie Award Finalist


    o  2009 CODIE Award as Best Education Game

Who Does BrainWare Safari Work For?




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